The speed of propagation vw is the distance the wave travels in a given time, which is one wavelength in a time of one period. I don't see why the KE should be equal to the PE, for a wave on a string, except for some special time (like a mass oscillating on a spring). 13). The total mechanical energy of the wave is the sum of its kinetic energy and potential energy.

Potential energy of a wave formula

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P 1 2 A 2 2 v.

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one-way wave equation is satis ed y x 1 c y t In this case u P 1 2 T y x 2 1 2 T 1 c y t 2 1 2 T c2 y t 2 u K (7) Thus in a forward-going wave the. The waveform of the standing wave gives us the amplitude (which we will call a(x)) of particle oscillation as a function of position x, so from Equation 1.

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Because the string's linear density is constant, each mass element has the same mass.

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m s L s 0. So the energy is maximum at 0 displacement when the string is stretched and at its maximum speed (both KE and PE density are maximum at the same time. Determine the wave energy density. . 070kg 2. The kinetic energy per length in the wave on the string is due to the.

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Here, E and p are, respectively, the relativistic energy and the momentum of a particle.

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2 to find the momentum.

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It also means that waves can constructively or destructively interfere.

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