. This standard is a combination of BIP32 - HD Wallets. . For increased privacy, your Exodus wallet can generate a new address each time you receive bitcoin. Topic Ethereum wallet with multiple addresses (Read 272 times) BitcoinArsenal (OP) Hero Member Offline.

Ledger wallet multiple addresses

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So I went to Nami -> Connect Hardware Wallet and was then prompted to select the accounts that I wanted to add.

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I was given the option to add "Account 1 - Default", in addition to 49 other accounts, all numbered sequentially from 2 to 50. Read the on-screen instructions and click on Verify to display an address on your device.

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. to make sure the address is correct. From the Ledger website " Bitcoin. They can't sign transactions otherwise. Find your public wallet address on Ledger Wallet. . .

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You've discovered that with a Hierarchical Deterministic wallet like the Ledger, a single 24-word phrase can be used to derive (essentially) infinite publicprivate key pairs and addresses.

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May 16, 2023 To sign the transactions, wallets need to access your private key.

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