Network. I use the script share-data. Reference How to back up and restore configuration files to an FTP server on EX switches. To create an automated remote backup every time you commit a change in your configuration, simply use Command. roothost> file copy filename ftpuserhostnamefilename.

Juniper backup configuration tftp

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The transfer-on-commit command in JUNOS uses different methods to archive configuration to a remote host such as ftp, scp etc.

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Back up the configuration file on the FTP server.

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1 Answer. I use the script share-data. set system archival configuration transfer-on-commit archive-sites "sftp<user><password><remotesftpserverip>". conf. 69 tftp> put juniper. 1. .

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This How-To assumes that you need or want to backup to the Spiceworks.

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(ii) tftp to the ip address of the server.

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You can use it as follows jswrouter> start shell cd config tftp tftp> connect 192.

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